A US Coast Guard investigate a collision between a New Bedford fishing boat and a cruise ship 35 miles from Nantucket

A US Coast Guard investigation will be guided into the early Saturday morning crash involving the fishing vessel New Bedford and a cruise ship.

Gabby G, who was fishing for whiting, was returning to port when he encountered the Norwegian pearl, which was bound for Bermuda, the Coast Guard said. The crash happened at 2:25 a.m. in the rain about 35 miles southeast of Nantucket.

The Norwegian Pearl was able to continue its course, there were no injuries. The Gabby G said to be about 69 feet long and about 23 feet wide, sustained some damage but was able to return to New Bedford under its own power. It was later taken to Fairhaven.

VCVB reported that the Norwegian Pearl is 965 feet long and can accommodate nearly 2,400 guests. The Pearl has 16 restaurants, 15 bars, and lounges, a casino and spa, and operates weekly service between Boston and Bermuda through November.

Dan Farnham, manager of vessel owner Gabbi G Fisheries Inc. from Montauk, New York, said there was a minor injury on the fishing boat. “It’s fine, just a little scratch,” he said.

Farnham said they consider New Bedford their home port. “We fish all the time from New Bedford.”

He said they hope to have the boat fishing again in about a month after the repairs.

He was not on board the morning after the collision.

Farnham declined to go into detail about how the collision occurred because of a pending Coast Guard investigation.

U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Briana Carter said the investigation will take about a month to complete and determine the cause and possible damage.

She said such collisions are not common.

“I do know the vessel (Gabby G) had radar on board. Commercial fishing vessels generally have radar on board — as well as cruise ships,” she said.