Covid-19: The US authority CDC removes the special rules for the cruise

The US disease control agency, CDC, has lifted its special Covid 19 rules for cruise ships effective immediately. Instead, there should be revised general health and hygiene guidelines shortly. It is not yet known how this will affect the corona rules of individual shipping companies.

Effective July 18, 2022, the CDC’s relatively strict US cruise control regimen has been lifted continuously since March 2020 and applies to all cruise ships calling at US ports or waters

The cruise industry association Clia welcomed the CDC’s move. It had long called for cruise ships to be treated the same as other areas of the leisure and vacation industry and not be disadvantaged and restricted by special rules for Covid.

The CDC has announced the new general recommendations and guidelines for the coming days. It is not yet clear what exact measurements will be included there. The CDC also continues to make specific recommendations for cruise vacationers.

Cruise shipping companies can now define Covid-19 protection measures on board their ships. However, as of yet, no shipping company is aware of any immediate rule changes in reaction to the lifting of CDC regulations (as of July 18, 2022). They will likely wait for new CDC recommendations first to coordinate any easing.

In particular, the end of the special rules for the pandemic could also mean the end of the obligation to carry out corona tests before cruise ships depart from US ports, which have also been largely abolished elsewhere. of the world. Then a mandatory vaccination may no longer be officially mandated. Quarantine measures on board could also be omitted.

The CDC’s special Covid-19 rules have so far also included a color-coding system that can be used to roughly identify the current infection situation on each individual cruise ship. The CDC has discontinued this registry from public access effective immediately.