Unpacking the myths about working on a cruise ship

Living and working on-board a cruise ship

Why THIS Book?

First, ask yourself why Cruise ships?
Now picture in your mind all the answers; You DID it?!

Now I can definitely guarantee that this is the book for you!
You will see the colors of my experience and direct answers to your questions right there and my journey will bring you a step closer to the ship of your dreams.

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Seabourn Cruise Line
Position: Bartender
,,The definition of crazy – doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.
 I have been with the same company for the past 9 years and every time I expect different results…”
What made you decide to apply for a job on a Cruise ship?
This all started in June 2010. Bored with my job in a hotel, looking at the same car park, same people, same uninteresting life, I decided the sea was the way to go. Day dreaming of waking up in New York sailing past Lady Liberty.
The Book

Why the Book:

With so many memories from the ship good and bad, this book becomes part of the world to fill in small gaps between truth and deception.
Unpacking the myths about working on a cruise ship. Try and test cruising with tips from a thirty-something former cruise worker.