An upcoming sketch shows what looks like two Mein Schiff cruise ships – are they alluring Mein Schiff 8 and 9?

A sketch of the new TUI Cruises cruise ship can be seen on the website of the Italian ship sales company Navim Group. The ship with construction number 6312 for delivery in 2024 is likely to be Mein Schiff 8.

TUI Cruises itself is still keeping a low profile and has yet to release any further information or renderings of the new building.

The ship will be built at the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone, which has already collaborated with the Navi Group on many new builds.

Whether this sketch corresponds to Mein Schiff 8 is ultimately difficult to judge in the absence of more detailed information. However, it is the first illustration of the sister ships Mein Schiff 8 and Mein Schiff 9, where some interesting things can be seen.

It is already known that the two new LNG ships from Italy with a gross tonnage of 161,000 will be even larger than Mein Schiff 1, 2, and 7. The last three ships from Turku have a gross tonnage of 111,500.

The released sketch clearly shows a larger cruise ship than previous ships in the Mein Schiff fleet. At the same time, the distinctive bow and overall shape of the ship remain similar to the current fleet.

The biggest difference that can be seen in the sketch is the white hull with TUItion lettering. If TUI Cruises stays true to the current Mein Schiff design and naming, it is entirely conceivable that inTUItion is just the name of the project.

The interior of the two new builds from Italy certainly still has some exciting new features. From the outside, only the panoramic windows on the five decks at the stern catch the eye. Diamant and the main Atlantik restaurant with a panoramic view of the stern wave could also be located there.

According to the sketch, the superstructure on the upper deck will also be changed. The chimney is moved further in the middle, which could create space for up to three pool decks.

Only TUI Cruises and a few companies involved in the construction know what will become of it. It is quite possible that Navim Group has released the first illustration of Mein Schiff 8 and Mein Schiff 9.

Mein Schiff Line

Maybe Mein Schiff 8 and Mein Schiff 9 will end up looking different than this sketch.