Silversea will drop helicopter and submarine experience on a 183-meter ship for more suites

Silversea Cruises will drop the helicopter and submarine experiences offered on the former Crystal Endeavor, now Silver Endeavor, and add new suites, President and CEO Roberto Martinoli confirmed.

On a 183-meter expedition ship, Crystal Cruises operated a three-person submersible in Antarctica in its only season. The vessel was also equipped with 18 Zodiac boats, 14 kayaks, and a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) that offered underwater views to guests from the comfort of the ship, and two helicopters are assigned.

“The water in cold weather is usually quite murky, so you can’t see much from a submarine.” We don’t feel the need to have toys that can only be used by a fraction of passengers and are only really useful in a very limited number of places. Finally, there is more than enough to do and see on Silversea cruises,” explained Martinoli.

Without the need for a helicopter hangar, as well as a casino, an attraction that Silversea does not offer on its other ships, “in both cases, we are thinking of adding suites because the ship is very large compared to the passenger capacity,” Martinoli said.