Royal Caribbean T&T enormous job fair for 2000 and more

With the great response of the citizens of the T&T calls the Royal Caribbean called the cruise company to add another day of registration to the National Academy of Performing Arts in the port of Spain.

The company said it would return to Numa to receive those who did not last yesterday.

Thousands of people are fine since yesterday night, hoping to join the UPI to register.

In the end, the demand was so great that the process, a joint project between the Royal Caribbean and the Ministry of Tourism, was also.

“There are people here in thousands. Talk about the need for jobs and that is what we try to work here at the Royal Caribbean Group to see the heart that so many people stand out here. We strive,” Wendy McDonald, regional vice president regional president of Relations Government with government relations with the Caribbean, said.

“We should have been Thursday (in San Fernando on Wednesday and Tobago on Thursday), but we decided to be here, for Napo. What we currently want to do is the appointment of the system for people we do not see today. We will see these people on Friday”.

McDonald said, while Royal Caribbean promised that the Vlada T&T hired 2,000 people, she never imagined that many people appeared yesterday.

The process should start at 9 o’clock, as announced, but people were already in line at 7 a.m.

But the ordered lines that existed at the beginning soon sprayed, leaving chaos.

“We have crashed a team of 21 people to conduct interviews and all are there any interviewers who worked three interviews at the same time, so we could move the audience as quickly as possible,” said McDonald.

The Royal Caribbean emphasized the plans for the reintroduction of Trinidad and Tobago as a destination for its next cruise season, starting in November.