Royal Caribbean is planning to hire 1,400 musicians and entertainers for its expansion efforts

An ex-celebrity cruise ship has arrived in India for scrapping. Royal Caribbean International has announced 1,400 positions across its fleet, including the new Icon of the Seas ship, due to be unveiled in 2023. As a result of a recent study conducted by the company in Europe and the United Kingdom, 50% of emerging Spanish musicians say securing contracts is their greatest challenge, while 48% claim having regular opportunities to perform at live events and concerts is their greatest challenge.

The largest cruise company in the world, with 26 ships, nearly 800 music sets, and 142 shows performed every night, is opening its doors to professionals in the entertainment industry so they can join its staff of more than 3,000 artists and production teams.

Music and entertainment are two of the fundamental pillars of Royal Caribbean vacations. On board there is a significant range of opportunities for artists and technical teams, which are the soul of an unforgettable vacation, bringing to life high-level experiences through theater, musical performances, world-class ice shows, aerobatics, deep dive dives, and much more.

After years of uncertainty for the entertainment industry, 75% of musicians express concern about their financial situation at least once a day, before which a quarter of them have come to consider leaving their profession behind permanently, according to the report carried out by Help Musicians in January 2022. Opportunities with Royal Caribbean offer thousands of emerging artists the possibility of giving the push they need to start their careers.

Nick Weir, senior vice president of entertainment at Royal Caribbean International, commented: “Music and entertainment are essential in making Royal Caribbean vacations unforgettable. We continue to push boundaries and redefine what’s possible in our mission to entertain 105,000 people every night. The opportunities available to entertainment professionals to build a career with our number in the thousands. To go one step further, we are expanding our talent pool, which is made up of a wide variety of artists. Just to mention a few: from vocalists to international Olympians, A-list Broadway stars, to acclaimed producers and directors. We are also going to invest more resources than ever in music and entertainment by 2023.”

The emotions generated by traveling and live music are undeniable, both for artists and consumers. In this sense, other highlights of the study* reveal the following:

89% of emerging musicians surveyed in Spain stated that performing live for dedicated audiences is one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of their careers.
60% also stated that live performances, in 2022, are what motivates them the most.
More than 39% of emerging musicians in Spain indicated that traveling and seeing new destinations is what they are most excited about in 2022.
A total of 97% of music lovers in Spain stated that live music, which they see or listen to on vacation, makes the experience even more unforgettable for them.