Riviera River Cruises rise up 2024 voyages with new 11-day itineraries

Riviera River Cruises has added three new 11-day itineraries to its 2024 European river cruise schedule.

Sailing the River Seine in France and the Rhine and Moselle rivers in Germany, the new itineraries come following strong demand for the company’s first 11-day itinerary, the “Lyon, Provence-Rhone, and Camargue River Cruise” on the Saône and Rhône. Rivers in 2023.

“After seeing the response to our new Saône-Rhône cruise this year, we’re excited to offer three more 11-day itineraries in 2024,” said Marilyn Conroy, executive vice president of sales and marketing North America for Riviera River Cruises.

“They fit perfectly between our eight-day cruises, which some may think aren’t long enough, and our 15-day cruises, which might make others want to go home.” And because they are based on existing itineraries on the Seine, Rhine, and Moselle rivers, they allow guests to experience these regions in a little more depth.

The three new 11-day itineraries are:

  • Paris, Normandy, and Historic Treasures Seine River Cruise: This itinerary sails from Paris to Havre and back on the Seine River. Highlights include Paris, Chateau d’Auvers and the cemetery where Van Gogh is buried, D-Day beaches in Normandy, Rouen, Honfleur or the chalk cliffs of Etretat, the ruins of the Abbe Jumieges and Monet’s house and garden at Giverny.
    Cologne, Rhine Gorge, and Medieval Germany River Cruise: This trip sails from Cologne to Nuremberg and back on the Rhine and includes Cologne, Andernach, Braubach, Riedesheim, Mainz, Miltenberg, Wertheim, Würzberg, a romantic route to Rothenburg, Oxenfurt, Bamberg, and Nuremberg, as well as sailing through the Rhine Gorge.
    Moselle, Luxembourg, and Majestic Rhine Cruise: Sailing from Cologne to Trier on the Moselle, Mannheim on the Rhine, and back to Cologne, this itinerary includes Andernach, Koblenz, wine tasting at a local cellar in Bernkastel, Luxembourg, Trier, Cochem, Riedesheim, Worms, Mannheim or Speyer, Heidelberg or Schwetzingen Palace Gardens, Marksburg Castle in Braubach, Bonn, and Cologne, as well as sailing through the Rhine Gorge.

Riviera River Cruises offers a total of 21 itineraries on 10 European rivers and waterways throughout the year, including exclusive departures for solo travelers without any supplements and holiday season cruises. It doesn’t add hidden extras or fees and doesn’t automatically include tips or drinks, leaving the choice to guests.

For more information go to https://www.rivierarivercruises.com/.