Ponant and Smithsonian journeys bring up a new astonishing 2024 itinerary

In 2024, Ponant and Smithsonian Journeys will launch small-ship expeditions that will explore each destination’s history, environment, culture, and cuisine.

PONANT, which designs small ship voyages, and Smithsonian Journeys, the Smithsonian Institution’s travel program, have collaborated to immerse guests in learning opportunities and inspire global citizenship on their journeys.

As the largest museum in the world, the Smithsonian has a wide range of educational resources, from which PONANT and Smithsonian Journeys have drawn to create expert tours and unique experiences. From archaeologists to scientists, guests can collaborate with Smithsonian Journeys experts on new routes to Alaska, the Mediterranean, and New Zealand’s Fiordland.

2024 Expeditions will have more options for half-day and full-day shore excursions and activities, such as visiting the Grand Egyptian Museum and engaging with an Egyptologist.

In addition to the new itineraries and activities, PONANT and Smithsonian Journeys will also continue to select voyages from 2023. These include a seven-night itinerary from Panama to Costa Rica (February 10-17, 2024), a seven-night expedition to the Scottish Islands and Norwegian Fjords (8-15 June and June 15-22, 2024), and a week-long itinerary exploring the Greek islands of the southern Aegean (October 3-10, 2024).


New: New Zealand’s South Island by Sea: A Voyage to Fiordland, Le Laperous

This seven-night expedition will explore the east coast of the South Island and Fiordland National Park in New Zealand. The trip will highlight New Zealand’s diverse flora and fauna, including the mountains and fjords of Fiordland National Park. Guests will enjoy beautiful views of Milford Sound waterfalls and the rare Fiordland tip penguins.

Departure is February 15, 2024. Prices start at $6,480 per person.

New: Ancient Civilizations by the Sea: Israel, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey, Le Champlain

From the religious and historical sites of Jerusalem to the new Grand Egyptian Museum, guests can explore Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and Malta on this 12-night voyage. Guests will hear insights from archaeologists and foreign correspondents as they cruise the Red Sea and Suez Canal.

Departure is April 2, 2024. Prices start at $10,430 per person.

New: Mediterranean Island Travel: Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica and Elba, Le Bougainville

This seven-night journey starts in Malta and ends in the south of France, exploring Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, and Elba along the way. In Sicily, guests will visit Greek and Roman ruins in Syracuse and Byzantine-Arabic mosaics in the Capella Palatina in Palermo. The trip also includes a tour of the cliff-top town of Boniface in Corsica and an exploration of the estate where Napoleon was exiled on Elba.

Departure is May 15, 2024. Prices start at $6,540 per person.

New: Japan’s cultural and natural treasures by the sea, Le Soléal 

This seven-night expedition will follow the northern coast of Japan, with feudal castles, Buddhist temples, and teahouses. At the first pier, Sakaiminato, guests can choose to tour a 17th-century castle, learn the craft of papermaking, visit a landscape garden, or view Japanese art at the Adachi Museum. Guests will also see the stark landscapes of Japan on the islands of Sado and Honshu.

Departure is May 21, 2024. Prices start at $7,580 per person.

New: Alaska Inside Passage Cruise, Le Soléal 

This eight-night voyage will take guests from Vancouver to Alaska’s stunning fjords, ancient glaciers and vast forests. On departure on July 5, the geologist and natural history filmmaker will share his experience with guests. Le Soleil will cruise through Johnston Strait and the Inside Passage, allowing guests to see orcas, humpback whales, bears, sea otters, bald eagles, and more.

Departures are on July 5 and July 20, 2024. Fares start at $6,330 per person.

New: Ancient Wonders and Culinary Delights: Southern Italy and Sicily Cruise, Le Bougainville

This 7-night expedition will highlight Mediterranean cuisine on a journey from Malta to Sicily and along the west coast of southern Italy. Guests will enjoy authentic Mediterranean food, from wine tasting in Sicilian wineries to street food in Naples and Rome. Guests can also see ancient Roman and Greek monuments in Syracuse, Taormina, Paestum, Pompeii, Herculaneum and Rome.

Departure is September 8, 2024. Prices start at $6,610 per person.

Will you be sailing with PONANT and Smithsonian Journeys in 2024?