Norway protests against cruise ships over constant systematically floods in the city

Oslo – The protest grows in Norway against tourism generated by cruise ships.

In the last hours in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, and Flåm, posters have appeared to say no to passenger ships and a campaign has been left on the main social networks.

An association fights to ban cruise tourism. La Clia: “We bring happiness and well-being everywhere”

“You have just arrived in my hometown on a floating block of flats that burns my asphalt because of the propulsion – says one of the messages – The ship you got off of is registered in some rogue state or in an offshore registry to exempt them for everyone our laws on taxes, environmental protection, and workers’ rights.”

According to the association promoting the protest, “cruise ships are a particular problem in Bergen and Stavanger, where tourists systematically flood the city center. We ask the government to definitively ban cruise ships by devoting the passenger terminals to something more useful and respectful of the environment”.

The association then denied being responsible for the dozens of posters containing insults against cruise passengers: “We are a peaceful movement.”

A Clia spokesperson commented: “Our companies work closely with local communities and governments in ports and destinations around the world to deliver sustainable tourism. Cruise tourism brings joy to millions of passengers and enormous social and economic benefits to communities, particularly in coastal and often remote regions.”

Norway is not the only destination where cruise ships have proved indigestible for some of the local residents. Similar protests have also spread to the Balearic Islands and Barcelona, ​​although the most famous “no boats” movement is undoubtedly the one born in Venice.