No Sailing Orders have been issued for the ship Margaritaville at sea

On July 15th, the US Coast Guard lifted its no-go order and the ship was cleared for operations.

The US Coast Guard has issued a no-sailing order for Margaritaville at Sea Paradise, forcing Margaritaville to cancel the ship’s July 13th sailing to the Bahamas.

“During the ship’s annual survey, port state control officers identified conditions that required the ship to remain in port until repaired for the safety of the crew and passengers. The ship will not depart until the conditions are corrected,” the Coast Guard said. VPTV News in West Palm Beach.

Margaritaville at Sea CEO Oneil Khosa said the cruise line was “expeditiously” taking corrective action to “quickly address flagged items and resume sailings as scheduled.”

The cruise line did not respond to questions about the nature of the flagged items that warranted the order.

The line does not foresee any additional impact on its itineraries other than the cancellation of sailings on July 13. The guests disembarked and were compensated for the inconvenience, Khosa said.

The cruise ship was scheduled to depart on a two-night cruise to the Bahamas from West Palm Beach on Wednesday.