MSC’s Cruises 22 ships announce a solution training ORCA for the protection of the WHALE and impact ships

A partnership has been signed with ORCA (Marine Conservation Charity), which provides a training program for deck officers to avoid collisions with marine mammals while sailing

MSC Cruises today announced a new partnership with ORCA (Oceans Research & Conservation Association), an association dedicated to the preservation of the marine environment, with the aim of offering deck officers a training course aimed at reducing the likelihood of collisions with whales, and dolphins and porpoises in the world’s oceans.

Deck officers on MSC Bellissima will be the first to participate in the online training program. The ship is currently sailing the Mediterranean Sea from the port of Genoa and has been chosen as a pilot unit to pass through the Pelagos Sanctuary, a vast marine area of 87,500 square kilometers and 2,022 km of coastline known to host numerous marine species.

The project envisages training the ship’s operational personnel on marine mammals that may be encountered during navigation, as well as best practices to avoid potential impacts on the ship.

Captain Minas Mirtidis, MSC Cruises Vice President of Environmental Operations and Compliance, said: “Together with ORCA, we are able to play a vital role in contributing to the protection of the seas for future generations. We are committed to supporting the health of our oceans and partnering with experts to introduce tailored training and education is a positive step forward.”

Once the trial on MSC Bellissima is complete, the course, delivered in e-learning mode, will be rolled out across MSC Cruises’ entire fleet of 22 ships, including the new unit MSC Euribia, which will be christened on June 8 in Copenhagen for its inaugural season. spend exploring the fjords.

The ship, like the Company’s other newer units, will be equipped with a propulsion system that balances the pressure environment by creating air bubbles near the propeller. These and other measures, including insulation to reduce noise and vibration of mechanical equipment, help to minimize the impact on the marine ecosystem, especially the mammals that inhabit it.

MSC Cruises’ commitment to protecting the marine environment has already seen the company divert its ships to the west coast of Greece in 2022 to reduce the risk of collisions with endangered sperm whales in the Mediterranean Sea.