Miray line happily announces the 1st time ever-three-year world cruise

In March 2023, Miray Cruises will open for bookings for a three-year world cruise. From November 2023 to December 2026, the cruise will visit 135 countries on seven continents aboard the 1992-built MV Gemini.

The fantastic part about the three-year cruise is that guest charges can be as little as $2,500 per stateroom per month. This provides a great opportunity for those who want to travel while working while taking care of all their daily needs.

Three years at sea

It won’t be something everyone will enjoy, but many will still see the benefits of embarking on a three-year voyage that will cover 130,000 miles, visit 375 ports in 135 different countries and sail all seven continents.

Miray Cruises has announced that it will open reservations for its first three-year cruise around the world. In essence, a cruise is a variation of the increasingly popular concept of living on a boat.

Several companies announced new residency ships in the last year, where guests live on board instead of ashore. The cruise will set sail on November 1, 2023, and return in 2026.

3 year Miray cruises

MV Gemini’s journey around the world will begin in November this year. Most ports of call on the voyage will include several days in port, giving guests the opportunity to fully explore each destination, which includes 13 modern and ancient wonders of the world

The cruise ship will be fully modernized by the time it sails. It is currently used to house earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. The cruise line is aimed at professionals who want to spend time at sea while being able to do their work remotely.

Targeting remote workers

For just $85 per day for a stateroom onboard MV Gemini, guests will be able to enjoy world-class dining, onboard entertainment and recreational activities with modern workspaces such as a first-of-its-kind business center with meeting rooms, 14 offices, a relaxing lounge, and business library.

“Professionals need connectivity, the right content, and functionality to do their jobs.” There is no other cruise product that offers its customers this kind of flexibility,” says Mikael Petterson, Managing Director of Life at Sea Cruises.

The ship will also include a 24-hour on-call hospital with free medical visits, learning and enrichment classes, and the opportunity to make a positive impact through volunteer and philanthropic initiatives.

“Life at Sea Cruises offers the ultimate in cruising without having to sacrifice the comforts of home,” says Irina Strembitski, Life at Sea Cruises Director of Sales and Marketing. “It’s your home on the sea with the world as your backyard.”

Cruise prices start at $29,999 per year, and the trip is all-inclusive. Cabins range from 130 square feet for Inside and Oceanview Virtual Cabins to 260 square foot Balcony Suites.

MV Gemini first set sail in 1992 as the Crown Jewel for Crown Cruise Line. Since then, the cruise ship has sailed through a long list of owners, including Cunard, Star Cruises, and Celestial Cruises.

Miray Cruises, a Turkish cruise operator and hotel services provider for the cruise industry, purchased the ship in 2019. The ship is only 19,093 gross tons and has space for 1,074 guests.

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