Holland America Line a new category of extended destination-in-depth voyages is launched for the next 3 years

In 2023, Holland America Line will introduce extended Legendary Voyages to celebrate its historic 150th anniversary. Including a variety of ports, Holland America Line’s long cruises range from 25 to 59 days and incorporate Holland America Line’s Grand Voyages ceremony.

Most of Holland America Line’s legendary voyages sail round-trip or to/from a North American homeport, allowing passengers to see the world from their doorstep with a convenient domestic flight and easy boarding. Itineraries are offered on a range of perfectly sized ships, taking guests to Australia and New Zealand, the Amazon and South America, the South Pacific and Hawaii, Greenland and Iceland, Asia, Alaska, and the Arctic Circle.

Holland Legendary Voyages

“As a leader in long-haul itineraries, Holland America Line is excited to continue to connect our deployment and onboard programming to further enrich the guest experience,” said Kacy Cole, vice president of marketing and e-commerce, at Holland America Line. “The destination-rich itineraries featured on Legendary Voyages are carefully crafted to allow guests to linger and enjoy the journey as much as the destination. With many departures from North America, this creates another way for our guests to see the world from their side threshold.”

Highlights of legendary journeys:

Three iconic voyages are NEW itineraries for Holland America Line:

  • The previously announced 28-day “Arctic Circle Solstice” runs north to the Arctic Circle and includes 11 Alaskan ports of call, including lesser-visited ports such as Nome and Homer.
  • 53-day “Majestic Japan” with a total of 21 ports, 13 visits throughout Japan and overnight stays in Yokohama (Tokyo) and Kobe.
  • The 28-day “Coral Triangle, Volcanoes and Great Barrier Reef” explores 10 ports in five countries, with a scenic cruise through the famous Great Barrier Reef, Torres Strait and past the Kumba and Krakatau volcanoes.
  • Destination-rich itineraries focus on a unique region, visiting some of the most unique ports while offering guests in-depth exploration.
  • Guests will enjoy the “best of” onboard Grand Voyages program to further enhance each Legendary voyage with experiences such as iconic themed parties, unforgettable sailings and classic cruises.
  • The Cruise program is specially prepared to share insights into the history and culture of the visited destinations.
  • Guests have more time in port to experience the nightlife with overnight stops in ports like Anchorage, Alaska; Hobart, Tasmania; Honolulu, Hawaii; Manaus, Brazil; Moorea, French Polynesia; Papeete, Tahiti; Reykjavík, Iceland; and Yokohama (Tokyo) and Kobe, Japan.

Holland America Line’s legendary voyages:

  • 56-day or 51-day “Tales of the South Pacific” departing on September 27 and October 2, 2023, respectively, from Volendam. 56 days from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to San Diego, California; It’s a 51-day round trip from San Diego.
  • A 34-day “South Pacific Crossing” departing on October 8, 2023 aboard the Noordam. From San Diego to Sydney, Australia.
  • The 28-day “Amazon Explorer” departs on February 17, 2024 from the ship Zaandam. Roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • The 35-day “Hawaii, Tahiti and Marquesas” will depart on February 17, 2024 from Koningsdam. Round trip from San Diego.
  • The 25-day “South Pacific Crossing” departs on April 6, 2024 aboard the Noordam. From Sydney to Vancouver.
  • The 28-day “Solstice of the Arctic Circle” departs on June 9, 2024 from the ship Westerdam. Round trip from Seattle, Washington.
  • The 35-day “Voyage of the Vikings” departs on July 20, 2024 aboard the Zuiderdam. Round trip from Boston, Massachusetts.
  • The 53- or 52-day “Majestic Japan” will depart on September 1 or 2, 2024 aboard Westerdam. It’s a 53-day round trip from Seattle; It’s 52 days from Vancouver to Seattle.
  • 56- or 51-day “Tales of the South Pacific” departing September 25 or 30, 2024 on Zaandam. It’s 56 days from Vancouver to San Diego; It’s a 51-day round trip from San Diego.
  • The 35-day “Australia Circumnavigation” departs on November 17, 2024 from Westerdam. Round trip from Sydney.
  • The 28-day “Coral Triangle, Volcanoes and Great Barrier Reef” sails on January 5, 2025 from Noordam. Return journey from Singapore.
  • The 27-day “Amazon Explorer” departs on February 8, 2025 from the ship Zaandam. Round trip from Fort Lauderdale.
  • The 35-day “Hawaii, Tahiti and Marquesas” will depart on February 15, 2025 from Koningsdam. Round trip from San Diego.
  • The 29-day “South Pacific crossing” departs on March 30, 2025, on the Westerdam. From Sydney to Vancouver.

Have It All Early Booking Bonus
For a limited time, when guests book a Legendary Voyage with the Have It All premium package, the standard package amenities of $300 shore excursion credit, three nights’ specialty dining, a Signature Beverage Package, and Surf Wi-Fi are included — plus the added perk of free prepaid Crew Appreciation (gratuities), along with free upgrades to the Elite Beverage Package and Premium Wi-Fi. Legendary Voyages can also be combined with other promotional fares and values.