Global Dream 2 the world’s largest cruise ship will be scrapped without ever having sailed

A giant of the sea, the Global Dream II, is set to dismantle before even making its first official voyage if a buyer is not found soon. It measures 342 meters long and can carry over 9 thousand passengers.

Despite having over 9,000 passengers and 20 decks, a water park, a cinema, and 20 decks, the largest cruise ship in the world is slated for scrapping before it has even sailed. It is the sad fate that lies ahead for the Global Dream II, a huge ship worth 1.2 billion pounds. If a buyer does not come out for this giant of the sea, there would be no other way than demolition: the company that built it, in fact, is now bankrupt.

Not an easy sale, considering the size of the Global Dream II, equipped with 20 bridges, 342 meters long, complete with a cinema, a water park, and dozens of attractions. The construction of the boat, by the German-Hong Kong company MV Werften, ended when the company was already in crisis.

The ship cost 1.2 billion pounds and in terms of passengers would have been the largest cruise ship in the world.

Despite all these beautiful features and a price that is also “negotiable” given the precarious conditions of the manufacturer, there has not yet been any expression of interest. According to the German trade press, the ship will soon be dismantled and the parts resold individually: the engines are already on sale, while the hull will be auctioned for scrap.

A slightly different fate for her twin, Global Dream: she too has not been sold but is not yet close to being scrapped. Both boats are currently in a shipyard in Germany, but that too has been sold.