~Greek islands~

The Greek islands are a favorite destination for a large number of tourists. What attracts tourists the most are phenomenal beaches, warm sea, friendly hosts, rich history, and unforgettable times.

Greece can boast of a large number of islands located in the Mediterranean, Ionian, and Aegean seas. According to some data, Greece has about 1400 islands in its territorial composition.

Out of the total number of Greek islands, only about two hundred islands are inhabited, while the rest are uninhabited.

Travelers can reach the Greek Islands by bus, plane, and private transport. Except in the case of air travel and choosing islands that can be reached by crossing the bridge, travelers who choose to use the bus or private transport will probably need to use a ferry service to get from the mainland to the island.

Considering the large number of Greek islands, the ferry lines in Greece work very well. If you decide to vacation on one of the many islands that can be reached by ferry, ask the agency about the possibility of buying ferry tickets.

Best Greek island for lovers: Santorini

There’s a good reason why watching the sunset over the idyllic island of Santorini has recently been added to millions of bucket lists around the world: it’s one of those ultimate romantic experiences that captures the hearts and imaginations of people the world over. No wonder Santorini holidays have boomed in recent years… best to get there quickly before it reaches saturation point!

However, there is no secret to Santorini’s newfound popularity. This charming island ticks all the boxes – it’s small enough to feel like you’re getting to know it while on a romantic break, has spectacular views of its iconic bay and blue-topped villas, and has secluded beaches ideal for a sneaky kiss or two. Santorini’s impeccable restaurants are well known to have played host to many an engagement and honeymoon dinner, fueled by their stunning seafood freshly caught that morning in the sparkling waters. On top of that, Santorini is home to Assyrtiko – one of Greece’s most spectacular white wines, perfect for sipping and sharing while the stars come out overhead.

Best for memorable family holidays: Naxos

If you’ve ever been on vacation with kids or teenage family members, you’ll know the secret to success: provide as many options as possible and make sure everyone has enough opportunities to use all their boundless energy. Almost all Greek islands can be considered child-friendly, but if you want to spend your family vacation in style, we advise you to head to one of the less explored smaller islands, where your children can feel like explorers in a new land.

Best Greek island for partying: Ios

The Greek party scene is known worldwide for its wildness and quality of nightlife. Almost all the main islands have their own ‘strip’ – a street lined with cocktail bars and neon-lit nightclubs, and every year it seems a new island rises in origin to herald a new clubbing hotspot.

There are several reasons why Ios sits on the Greek party throne, and has for some time. Not only does it have some awe-inspiring nightclubs, ranging from mainstream destinations like Astra to quirky underground spots like The Scorpion Club, not to mention the effortlessly chic Planet Ios (set into the cliffs and overlooking the marina), but the island has much more to offer than that. Funky bars, a great night-time restaurant scene, beach clubs with sunset views…

Among our tourists, the most popular Greek islands are Corfu, Thassos, Evia, Skiathos, Lefkada, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Crete, Rhodes, Santorini, Kos, Ios, Skopelos, Mykonos, Samos, Naxos, Paros, Karpathos, more Greek islands.

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