~Auckland, New Zealand~

Straddling a narrow isthmus created by 60 different volcanoes, New Zealand’s former capital boasts scenic beauty, historical interest, and a cosmopolitan collection of shops, restaurants, museums, galleries, and gardens.

Rangitoto, Auckland’s largest and youngest volcano, sits in majestic splendor just offshore. Mt. Eden and One Tree Hill, once home to Maori earthworks, overlook the city.

One of New Zealand’s fine wine districts lies to the north of Auckland.

Auckland served as New Zealand’s capital from 1841 until 1865 when the seat of government moved to Wellington.

Interesting facts about Auckland;

  1. Big fact: It’s the largest Polynesian city in the world.
  2. Interesting fact: the Maori name for Auckland is Tamaki Makaurau.
  3. Historical fact: was the capital of New Zealand for 25 years from 1842-1865.
  4. Fun fact: It only takes four hours to walk from the Pacific Ocean to the Tasman Sea on the Coast-to-Coast Promenade.
  5. Weird fact: You can still use a pigeon pole on Great Barrier Island.
  6. Tall fact: The Sky Tower is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere at 328 meters.
  7. Nickname Fact: Because one in three Aucklanders owns a boat, the city’s nickname is the City of Sails.
  8. Japan Connection Fact: The outer lanes of the Harbor Bridge were not part of the original structure. Japanese engineers invented a way to attach them when the bridge needed widening. Some tapes are called “Nippon Clipons”
  9. Redundant bridge fact: The Harbor Bridge has 8 lanes, but the central barrier is movable, using a very cool machine, so the lanes can be set up as 3/5, 5/3 or 4/4, depending on traffic flows.
  10. Volcano Fact: There are about 50 volcanoes around Auckland.
  11. Baby Volcano Fact: Rangitoto, the volcano you can see in the harbor is only about 600 or 700 years old. This means that some of the early Maori in New Zealand observed his birth.
  12. Super Fact: Controversially, has recently overtaken other nearby areas to become what is known as a “Super City”. Len Brown has been elected mayor, and residents are divided about how and if the Super City will turn out. Alternatively, they considered calling it “The Strangest City in the World”. Just kidding. We like it though.

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Sky Tower, Britomart, Auckland Harbour Bridge, Rangitoto Island, Auckland Botanic Gardens