Cruise ships return to Ensenada after 7 days fearing violence

The mayor of Ensenada, a port city about 70 miles south of the border, announced that cruise ships will return after leaving due to safety concerns for passengers and employees.

Mayor Armando Ayala Robles said that Carnival Cruise Lines has confirmed that it will allow its ships to dock in Ensenada again and complete its list of scheduled arrivals in the coming months.

The cruise ship canceled ports of call after a weekend of vandalism, looting, and threats of mass violence in northern Baja California.

Last Friday, the cartel issued a warning promising chaos in the streets over the weekend unless some of its members were released from prison.

According to the Ensenada mayor’s office, Carnival and other cruise lines have threatened to stop operating in Ensenada unless passenger security measures are stepped up.

“I am very happy that they have confirmed the rest of their expected arrivals and I believe in the actions that we have implemented,” said Ayala Robles.

The mayor said he received assurances from the cruise line during a conference call Monday afternoon.

“We reiterate the importance of cruise ships coming to our city and that the actions of a few do not reflect the hard-working people and hospitality of our region…our people work hard every day to help their families prosper.”

Royal Caribbean also canceled scheduled stops in Ensenada but has not yet resumed operations at the port.

American companies such as Starbucks and McDonald’s, with franchises in Ensenada, also closed for the weekend, but have since reopened their doors.

Cruise ship stops in Ensenada recently resumed following the COVID-19 pandemic and a power struggle for control of the port of Ensenada caused by organized crime, something that has affected many other ports in Mexico.

Border Report has contacted Carnival ships about her return to Ensenada, but the cruise line has yet to respond.