Carnival Cruise Line is adjusting gratuity levels for Crew as per excellent work starting April 1, 2023

Starting April 1, 2023, Carnival Cruise Line will adjust gratuity levels for all US and European cruises.

According to a letter sent to reserved guests, tips for standard staterooms and suites will increase by $1.50.

“Our shipboard team members work hard to provide exceptional and friendly service, so we hope you’ll agree that this small increase is well-deserved,” Carnival said.

With the change, standard cabin passengers will now be proposed to pay $16 per guest per day, while suite guests will be suggested to pay $18 per guest per day.

Prepaid gratuities will be honored, the company said, and passengers will be able to secure current prices if they pay fees online before April 1.

If not paid in advance, the recommended gratuity value will be added to the passenger’s bill during the cruise “as a convenience,” Carnival added in the letter.

However, while on board, guests are also free to adjust the values as they see fit, the company explained.

In addition to increasing gratuity levels, Carnival Cruise Line is also raising the prices of Wi-Fi plans.

According to the same announcement, the increase will apply to all boardings starting from January 16, 2023.

The Social plan had its fare adjusted to $12.75 per day, up from $10.20, while the Value plan will cost $17 per day, up from $14.45. The premium plan will cost $18.70 per day, up from $17.

Passengers are also welcome to pre-purchase their internet plans at current prices, the company added.

Carnival last adjusted the recommended daily tip value in April 2022. At that time, the amounts were increased by $0.50.