Bermuda shows goodwill by removing the testing requirement this month but endorsed the $40 travel fee

Bermuda’s Health Minister Kim Wilson said the island’s mask requirements and travel regulations related to COVID-19 will be dropped this month, according to Loop News.

As of Monday, October 3, masks are no longer required in most indoor and outdoor public spaces, except in places such as healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and prisons. They are no longer needed on public transport.

On October 25, all COVID-19 testing requirements for entry and exit to and from Bermuda will also be removed — regardless of vaccination status. Unvaccinated visitors will need to provide proof of health insurance that can cover the medical costs of COVID-19.

All mask and border control mandates will be lifted on November 30 when the public health emergency regulations related to COVID-19 expire.

Although Bermuda is essentially lifting all of its travel rules and restrictions related to COVID-19, it will still require visitors to submit a $40 travel authorization form.

“In Bermuda, travel authorization has served as an effective part of our COVID border control,” Wilson said. “The government will have further discussions regarding applications to enter Bermuda, taking into account what is appropriate and necessary in light of the ongoing pandemic.”

We will announce those decisions before November 30.