AIDA Cruise & Help facilitate the 33rd school project during Cruise Days in Hamburg

“You enjoy, we donate!” – under this motto, visitors to this year’s Hamburg Cruise Days in the world of AIDA holidays could enjoy culinary delights and do something for a good cause. With the profits from the sale of freshly prepared hamburgers and cold drinks, the charity initiative AIDA Cruise & Help is now financing the construction of a school in India, making possible the 33rd project worldwide.

From August 19 to 21, 2022, cruise fans were able to learn more about the wide range of travel options offered by the Kusmund fleet at AIDA Holiday World on Kehrviederspitze. In addition to popular features such as the faithfully original AIDAcosma exhibition stand, the large roof terrace, which invited guests to keep the sun loungers, and the best entertainment from AIDAradio, visitors were treated to a special fundraising event: after presenting pre-purchased charity coupons, AIDA Gourmet Godmother Felicitas then served up delicious burger creations from their food truck. The Beach Bar also provided drinks appropriate for the summer temperatures.

All proceeds from coupon sales will now benefit AIDA Cruise & Help. Thanks to the great turnout of visitors to the world of AIDA holidays in the form of almost 2,800 burgers and cocktails sold, a new school for the Indian village of Mandalapali will be built in the next twelve months. In the future, a spacious building for around 80 students will offer a protected environment for further teaching. The project is completed with the addition of a staff room.

Many thanks also to the partners involved: beverage producers Thomas Henri and Bacardi supported this initiative by kindly providing their products.

Since 2019, AIDA Cruise & Help unites all the solidarity projects of AIDA Cruises. The initiative is dedicated to better educational opportunities in developing and developing countries and thus to the sustainable improvement of the future prospects of children and young people in the poorest parts of the world.