AIDA Cruise changes

In the context of the Corona pandemic, fans of AIDA Cruises have had to take a lot from the beginning. After AIDAcara had to leave the fleet last year, AIDAvita is now following after 20 successful years serving the shipping company Rostock, the ship was retired.

In addition to the two ships, AIDAmira (acquired in 2019) and the new unnamed building for 2023 were also delivered. The latter is now being manufactured for Carnival Cruise Line.

From the departure of the AIDAcara until today, the AIDAvita was the oldest ship in the fleet and was built for AIDA Cruises in 2002. However, as the oldest ship in the fleet, the AIDAvita has not completed a single cruise. Again and again, a reboot was planned, but then it has to be canceled again.

Finally, the war in Ukraine also plays a role in the cancellations.

With the aforementioned departures, the AIDA Cruises fleet is reduced to twelve cruises, which will be in service in the winter of 2022/2023. This winter season also went well with the new circumstances (see message below). It is currently unknown when AIDA Cruises will receive a new building; temporarily the company will try to take more steps towards normality with the 12 existing ships. The industry continues to be overwhelmed by the pandemic.

After 20 successful years, AIDAvita will no longer be used for the company. Guests who have already booked a trip with AIDAvit will be contacted and informed about their new travel options or new booking options. AIDAbella will take over AIDAvita’s “Big Winter Break” routes. The journey takes 43 or 44 days from Hamburg to the Caribbean and vice versa. In 21 or 26 days he goes to the Canary Islands and returns to Hamburg. The three “Autumn Northern Lights” cruises from/to Hamburg will also be taken over by AIDAbella. AIDAvite guests can of course opt for another cruise from the varied AIDA program until winter 2023/24.

The cruise company AIDA Cruises offers its guests various vacation options in the winter of 2022/2023 with a total of twelve ships.

The variety of routes ranges from dream trips to the Caribbean to fascinating cruises through South Africa and Northern Europe to unforgettable getaways in the Orient, the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands.