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Cruise stories

Unpacking the myths about working on a cruise ship.

Hi, I'm Tamara, a 34-year-old blogger from Serbia. I am a former seafarer and experienced Hospitality Professional who has sailed and worked for over 6 years on ocean-cruise ships.

I toured over 150 cities on 5 continents, the Caribbean coast, and the East and West coasts of America, Alaska, Tahiti, Hawaii, the Panama Canal, Mexico, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and parts of Asia, India, Jordan, New Zealand, and Australia.
I love to travel and write about adventures on the Cruise Lines and I also wrote a book about it!

“ Learning how things actually function on a ship can help everyone enjoy the experience more. These "floating cities" have certain dynamics which this book inadvertently shares with the reader. There's a euphoria when beginning a cruise holiday but for the crew they might have been away from home for months, worked tirelessly to make customers happy, experienced personal tragedies, or had to endure a wide mix of crew shipmates”

Tamara Wolf

Living and working on-board a Cruise Ship

This book describes my family, desire for a change, preparation process for finding best agencies, travel expenses and minor details of my personal experiences about that adventure. I love traveling and my bar experience is great. The plan was good and everything came together. The Stars were aligned.