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2013 is well under way and spring is almost over. Every day I think what am I going to do with my life – jobs are available but none of them are long term. I am working 3 part time jobs to raise money to go abroad. I chose to work on Cruise ships. I’ve asked around, spoke with one of my best friends who has been working on cruise ships for some time. He told me an amazing story about all the places he traveled to and visited, everything that he’s seen, even how he swam with dolphins on the Caribbean!


Tips for first-timers onboard

On 23rd of August I board the Royal Princess ship. It’s beautiful, huge and was named by Kate Middleton, the Douches of Cambridge. When we boarded the ship we were greeted by Dexter, a supervisor from the Philippines who had a big smile on his face. We followed him where ever he went. The ship was defiantly huge, I was very excited and I wanted to see as much as I could. We went through the Staff corridor which was located on level 4. The ship had 19 levels, it carried 3.500 passengers and about 2.500 employees. A magnificent ship!

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Ports experience

The positive side of the job is the travel, of course. We visited lots of cities because the ship is always ported somewhere else. My favourite European place was Mykonos. Actually, I loved the whole of Greece. I prefer the smaller seaside cities because I had no interest in the big ones. I love smelling the sea, to have that sense of freedom. I’ve been in Civitavecchia (a port in Rome) three times and each visit was better that the last. When it comes to the big cities I loved Barcelona, Naples is great for shopping, Lisbon has a unique charm, as well as Porta Della Grade where we all gathered and had an amazing lunch.

“ Learning how things actually function on a ship can help everyone enjoy the experience more. These "floating cities" have certain dynamics which this book inadvertently shares with the reader. There's a euphoria when beginning a cruise holiday but for the crew they might have been away from home for months, worked tirelessly to make customers happy, experienced personal tragedies, or had to endure a wide mix of crew shipmates”

Tamara Wolf

About book

BOOK - Living and working on-board a Cruise Ship

This book describes my family, desire for a change, preparation process for finding best agencies, travel expenses and minor details of my personal experiences about that adventure. I love traveling and my bar experience is great. The plan was good and everything came together. The Stars were aligned. 
This is not a manual, I described everything I lived through. There is practical advice on how to better handle everything and how to avoid mistakes that I made. But again, this is not a manual, but – my great story. Imagine you were chatting with your friend who was telling you about all the great adventures that she had traveling around the world. And of course about the salary. A very good salary. 
The stories are very interesting, not only because they describe amazing destinations, but also they describe the everyday life of a ship employee; the relationships between friends and colleagues, the mentalities of different nations, as well as everything that could happen during a contract. The good and the bad.